School is the place where every child or teenager goes to learn more about the world and to become someone in their lives. Parents send their children to school because they know that education provides them with much more opportunities in life, they know that it opens doors and new horizons for them. But parents are seldom aware that the school is sometimes the place where their children get picked on and bullied because of their sexual orientation or identity. A commendable goal is to get school to be a peaceful place in which children and teenagers can only be preoccupied with their education and increasing their chances to learn more and to build the foundation for a future career.

A mission to prevent bullying based on sexual orientation or sexual identity in schools is a must. Statistics show that many children get traumatized by this type of abuse that is most likely to take place during their school years. Bullying is irresponsible for those who do it and painful for those who suffer it. Many organizations work to teach individuals what tolerance is and how tolerance can change today‚Äôs world. People and children especially need to know from an early age that being different is something normal and that everyone has the right to be different. Bullying will affect the victim’s ability to interact with others and in the end to live a normal life.

The goal to help children better understand each other is yet to be accomplished. Children spend most of their time in school and it is damaging for everyone in the environment to bully or to be bullies, not to mention how damaging it is for society as a whole. These things should no longer happen in the 21st century and in a civilized world and this more people need to be aware of this.